Last updated on 28-02-2021

What support do you offer for Relay@Home kits?
We have initial setup and userguides that provide detailed instructions on how to setup your Relay@Home. The main setup that is required is to configure some network settings on your home network. Once this is setup the sysetm is almost plug-n-play to get started. The main maintenance task will be to run software updates when available. In addition to detailed documents we are happy to provide assitance through email, ARK discord, or Compendia Telegram.
Contact information: https://shop.friendsoflittleyus.nl/about/PJ

What do I need to run Relay@Home?
The main requirement to operate a Relay@Home is that you must have administrator access to your home modem/router so that you can configure Port Forwarding. You also need to make sure that your ISP allows you to open up ports. Please make sure you check this prior to ordering. Without these open ports the Relay@Home will not work correctly and we are not able to accept returns. The Relay@Home will likely use about 40->100GB of traffic per month. If you are able to configure your home network then the kit includes everything you will need to connect to your network via ethernet.

Where do you ship to?
At this time we are only able to ship to Canada and USA. We hope that the success of the Relay@Home project will allow us to open up shipping to the global community.

How long does it take to process orders?
Relay@Home kits are made to order. Assembly time will normally be 2->4 business days. If for any reason we expect processing to take longer than this we will notify you by email.

How long does shipping take?
Shipping to most places in Canada and USA will take approximately 2->8 business days after your order is assembled. Orders will be shipping from Canada via UPS or Canada Post/USPS. Tracking information will be provided by email.

Order Cancellations
You are able to cancel your order up to the point of us having it packaged and shipping labels created. Once the order has been shipped sales are final and returns will not be accepted.

All orders are final sale and are not able to be returned. We are selling the hardware at just above cost so we are not profiting off of hardware sales. Development of the Relay@Home software and supporting customer to maintain their Relay@Home is one of our community contributions.

Items damaged in transit
If any items were damaged in transit we ask that you report it to us within 7 working days. If the items are visibly damaged on receipt it’s best to sign the carrier’s delivery note accordingly if possible. We will work with you to fix or replace any components damaged in transit.

We have selected quality components for the Relay@Home kit that have all been tested by the manufacturer. We have also fully tested the complete kit prior to shipping. We are able to offer full support of the software however we provide no warranty on the hardware.